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Top Three Reasons to Hire an EOD Companion

The top reasons to hire an EOD Companion (Escort of Distinction) 

There are many reasons to hire an escort, some are more surprising than others. In a past article here on EOD, Scientific data  proves the benefits of social interaction. You can see below, why you would hire an EOD Companion.

Number 1 – Corporate Event

There are many women out there in top, corporate positions. Or, they are in a business that provides wealthy extravagant functions. Either way, the opportunity or need to impress is there. With an EOD companion, we can guarantee a suave, sophisticated, escort. He will arrive, be discreet and provide you with a night you wont forget. Our escorts are used to being in lavish surroundings, and will be the perfect companion to ensure your event is a success! Impressions count!

Number 2 – Family/Friends Date

Have you just come out of a relationship? Or maybe just too busy to commit? Our escorts are fantastic to take to any event. A family wedding, friends holiday or party, you may not have the companionship you’re after.

Dating or attending an event alone is not always the best option when coming to terms with a breakup.  Our escorts can help ease you back into the social life with no commitment.  Leaving you free to find yourself again. Who better to get you back on your feet than a true relationship “professional”.

Many people regardless of what they do for a career, find themselves too busy to date. Yet many of these women WANT to have a special occasion with a partner.  Being able to book an escort of distinction, at last notice is a great benefit! You also wont have to worry about not calling or seeing them again.  Enjoy your night or celebration, head home with your memories. Because with our escorts, you will have memories to last forever.

Top Three Reasons to Hire a Male EscortNumber 3 – Companionship

Of course there may only be the reason of companionship.  And that is a great idea. Companionship may mean to one, sharing an intimate dinner, then on to dancing for her birthday. It may be a trip to the theatre, just because.  Or even just to be wined and dined and to feel like you are the only women in the world when he looks at you. You may be a highflying director wanting to showoff your partner. Or needing the excitement and thrill, our Gorgeous escorts have to offer.  Sometimes the more adventures you take, can lead you to the most sensual experiences.

Let our escorts lavish you with the style and attention you deserve

The intimacy between two people is unrivalled. Let our escorts lavish you with the style and attention you deserve.

Enjoying an event doesn’t  mean you have to take someone, but what happens if you want to?  The EOD escorts are used to this type of request. Giving you the ability to be yourself and enjoy the event knowing you will be looked after. After all it takes more than one to tango, at the best of parties!

Take a look at our escorts of distinction today, and continue your adventure. Browse Escorts 

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