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Launching Escorts of Distinction –

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Welcome to Escorts of Distinction – A sophisticated male escort agency, dedicated to social interaction.

Although our biology is still poorly understood, many studies have shown that having a healthy social life together with social interactions bring huge benefits to the body and mind. Sciencedirect.com. Studies have shown that interacting with people, especially on a one on one basis can impact our personality and mind a great deal. Having the best sleep, catching less colds, being more productive, a sharper brain and living longer are just some of the benefits. Studies show that these are only a few of the many advantages you could gain from leading this kind of lifestyle, simplemost.com. Fast forward to early 2019 with the worlds entertainment spend at an all time high. Social interaction is a main goal for Joe Taylor with the launching of Escorts of Distinction.  Focussing on a non sexual male escort agency, that provides stylish companionship for any occasion.

Striving for social excellence and sophistication

Joe Taylor - Founder Male Escorts Distinction UkFor Joe Taylor, founder of Escorts of Distinction, excelling at business isn’t a new trait. With a drive and passion that for even one-second won’t waiver, he was able to give up his day job as a Graphic Designer. With hard work and creativity always being a requisite in whatever he has done, becoming an escort wasn’t at all a daunting thought. After bumping into an old friend that was a male escort, he quickly realised the money, travel and women was an offer he couldn’t refuse.

‘My client list quickly grew and soon I was able to pick and choose the dates that I wanted to take and I was able to give up the day job and work for myself.’

With extensive knowledge of the Escort Agency business, and what it takes to become successful, throwing in the “escort towel” and concentrating on his business, Escorts of Distinction, was an easy decision, allowing Joe to run a business he excels at without being on the front line.

Drive and passion at the forefront of business

Getting his drive from a mixture of places Joe strives to always go one better.

“My drive comes from a mixture of things. Family, friends, books, seminars, film and music. This is mainly because of my insatiable appetite for success and not willing to be satisfied with the norm. This then in turn drives my passion”

Waking up each morning excited about the day ahead definitely means you’re on the correct path, Joe believes.

“Obviously there will be competition with anything I do. However I will always stay in my own lane and focus 100% on where I see my vision leading, rather than following someone else’s path.

The Clients and Escorts of Escorts of Distinction

When talking about the business, it is clear that the escort agency isn’t just looking for just any escort. The quality of the male escorts leading the visual of the profiles will be high.  Escorts of Distinction are looking for stylish, professional, independent, straight male escorts. The high end male escorts will exemplify the brand, bringing a touch of class to this male escort agency.

“Typically the woman are wealthy, independent and successful. They know exactly what they want and they can afford it’

Joe finds that the demand for male escorts in the last five years has risen three fold. He also finds that there are not enough good escorts out there.

“A lot of people are surprised about how much demand there is for good male escorts. The USP for Escorts of Distinction is that we will actually seek out the great male escorts”. “Surprisingly, looks aren’t as important as you might think. Yes they can help, but far more importantly is whether they’re interesting, attentive, polite and someone who will hold a door open! You also need to be confident and comfortable in expensive restaurants, clubs, on special occasions and even holidays”.

With an escort agency there is always some question as to what the escorts will be offering. Joe is very clear in stating that it is a ‘non sexual’ agency and any sexual situation is neither encouraged or condoned. If the situation arises, it is down to the discretion of the individual escort.

The Design Behind the Branding

When it comes to branding, Joe isn’t a stranger to design.  When it came to the website hosting his business he knew exactly what to do.

” I had an idea of how I wanted the brand to look but took the decision to outsource. I came across Phil Shaw my designer/web developer who has helped me right the way along  from concept to production”.

The Music-The Film-The Book – Answers behind the Style

After handing over a brief Phil got to work asking some usual and some very unusual questions to help him with the design that Joe had in mind.

” I asked Joe for a few things, his favourite book, film and music. On receiving his replies it definitely gave an indication to the style he would like.  I had to ensure that the UI (User Interaction) and Ux (User Experience) matched the stylish, sleek, sophisticated site he wanted”.

The Answers

  • Frank Sinatra – The Good Life
  • James Bond
  • Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich

When likening the website to a car, Phil with no hint of sarcasm, uttered the word Maserati. That being said, with the inspiration of Joe’s answers and the sleek, smooth, elegant design. This is a beautifully designed site behind a stunningly elegant Male Escorts agency. “With the launching of Escorts of Distinction, the Team have gone with a smooth, sophisticated approach”.

Visualising Success

Once again showing the commitment and tenacity it takes to run such a demanding business Joe does not falter.

There was never one moment when I didn’t and don’t think this brand will work. I am 100% certain and committed to my vision”.

The launching of Escorts of Distinction is a milestone for Joe. From Graphic Designer to Sophisticated Male Escort Agency owner, the next step for Joe is expansion.

“My aim is to push marketing and brand reach to become the number 1 agency in the UK with the best client service and eventually take it to Europe and beyond “.

Launching – Escorts of Distinction

On the 18th January 2019 the launching of Escorts of Distinction will begin.  The site will have various different packages for Male Escorts to choose from, as well as launch codes and discounts to be utilised.

Find out everything you want and need to know about becoming a male escort, providing companionship and company, whilst entertaining and earning some money or take your pick from a variety of stunning male escorts to accompany you on your adventure, date or spectacular event. The choice is really yours.

Written by, Laura.W

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